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Shariah Equity Screening: Data, Information or Knowledge? - 2012
This research paper demonstrates how Shariah equity screening results differ based on the screening approach adopted by the screening provider. It examines and discusses compliances of various sample stocks over the two industry used approaches to screening. This paper advocates the use of a KNOWLEDGE BASED, Shariah board guided screening approach, which we believe is a step up from the current industry standard of using a Research based approach (information based approach). Ratings Intelligence equity screening services reflects this Knowledge based approach to Shariah equity screening.
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Shariah Compliance for Real Estate Stocks. 2008
This paper examines the compliance of global real estate stocks and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS) from a Shariah perspective.
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Tightening the Shariah Compliance Thresholds
It is generally agreed by most scholars that even companies that pass all qualitative and quantitative Shariah filters are only interim compliant unless all ratios are zero; in which case the company becomes unconditionally compliant. It has, therefore, been the intention of most scholars that the compliance limits would be tightened over time. In this study we looked at how changing these limits (restricting them further) affects the number of stocks that pass all Shariah filters in the S&P 500, S&P Europe 350, and the S&P Japan 500 universe
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Shariah Compliance for Mining Stocks. 2008
Metal prices, in the recent past, have seen a meteoric rise translating into higher earnings for mining companies. This has led to a huge amount of investor interest in stocks of mining companies. We examine the compliance of such mining stocks from a Shariah perspective.
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Hedge funds in a Sharia-compliant portfolio
The restrictions imposed by Sharia have meant that Islamic investors have faced a limited number of asset classes that they have been permitted to invest in. The inability to invest in government bonds have meant that the Islamic investor has had to make do with sub-optimal portfolios. This paper examines the viability of Sharia compliant hedge fund and its efficiency.
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